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In 2022, Carbon Plantations established our pioneer project at Euston Estate in Suffolk. Covering 195 hectares, 75% is devoted to Phoenix One®, 15% to native woodland (equivalent to 33,000 trees) and 10% is open ground (as approved by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) led by the Forestry Commission and key stakeholders). Euston Estate itself has a strong track record of promoting sustainable projects, including renewable energy and environmental stewardship schemes. 


In 2023, Carbon Plantations established a further 268 hectares on four sites at South Pickenham, Hockwold Fen, Westacre and Young. All permissions and contracts were granted following approval of individual EIAs, as per our pioneer project. 


We have a total ambition to plant 2,500 hectares this decade (of which 375 hectares will be native woodland). This translates to nearly 2 million trees with the ability to capture over 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the next 35 years. The Phoenix One® itself has a commercial coppicing lifespan of over 80 years. 

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