Our first project of 195 hectares is on the Euston Estate in Suffolk. The Estate has a track record in moving forward sustainable projects including renewable energy and environmental stewardship schemes and is keen to increase the level of woodland cover to contribute to the UK’s nete zero targets and increase levels of biodiversity. We have worked closely with the Estate, our advisors and the Forestry Commission to establish the best locations for the woodland that we are planting.

All permissions and contracts that we need to plant the woodland on the Estate have been granted and agreed. We have been successful in the Forestry Commission’s Woodland Carbon Guarantee Scheme which gives us the option to sell our captured carbon in the form of verified credits at a fixed price. We have also agreed contracts with our suppliers and received permission from the Forestry Commission on behalf of all stakeholders by meeting all the requirements of an Environmental Impact Assessment.


We expect to plant the first trees (including 15% native woodland) this summer (2022). We have a total ambition to plant 3,000 hectares (of which 450 hectares will be native woodland) in the next 5 years which means we will be planting nearly 2 million trees and sequestering over 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the next 35 years.  

Current investment opportunity 

Carbon Plantations Ltd is seeking to raise £4.6 million to fund the planting and initial management of 195 hectares of hardwood trees on the Euston Estate in Suffolk. This investment is being arranged through Abundance Investment, a leading direct investment platform. If you wish to view the Offer Document and invest you can do so by signing up on the Abundance website.


Please note: as with all investments, your capital is at risk. Investments are long term and may not be readily realisable. This communication has been approved as a financial promotion by Abundance Investment who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (525432).