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Nigel Couch, Managing Director

Nigel has over 30 years’ experience in banking, having held various roles, managing in equities and investment banking, including Managing Director and Head of Pan-European Equity Sales at Citigroup. Since retiring from the financial sector in 2018, Nigel has been working on a number of natural carbon capture projects, specifically in relation to woodland and soil within an agricultural setting. He has utilized his extensive contacts within farming, forestry and with a land agent to add weight to the tree plantation project. His previous work on ESG matters within the banking industry has provided the relevant framework. In addition, Nigel has worked with third parties, including academic institutions, carbon credit agencies  and government stakeholders, to research the delivery of carbon capture projects for landowners. 

John Purslow, Technical Director

John leads Farmacy plc’s Norfolk team and specialises in sandy soil root crops along with broad acre agricultural crops. John has 40 years’ of experience in agronomy within the East of England and has been focused on ecological agronomy where an understanding of biodiversity improvement and ecological gain is coupled with profitable production systems. His work on soil carbon sequestration projects will be invaluable to understanding the benefits this will bring to this project. John’s expertise in the local growing conditions combined with WeGrow’s specialist tree knowledge will enable our woodlands to thrive.

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